Hurricane Formation


Purpose: You will learn how a hurricane forms and the main ingredients of a hurricane.

Task: You will use this PowerPoint, the following websites, and the diagram above to explore how a hurricane is formed. When finished, write a short 4 pagraph essay from the point of view of a hurricane. You will put yourself in the perspective of the hurricane and discuss how it develops and the journey it takes from place to place and from powerful to powerless.

The hurricane can do any number of things just like the website explains as long as what you write is supported by what you have learned thus far. Feel free to get creative! Name your hurricane, location, how it develops and where it goes.

***An ideal essay would incorporate findings from readings and the PowerPoint. It should be well written (grammar and spelling), and include creativity (written from the voice of a hurricane.) 

4 Main Ingredients in Hurricane formation PowerPoint

NASA Hurricane Formation (click the begin button at the bottom of the page)

Video on Hurricane Formation

Why-Files:Hurricane Formation

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