Hurricane Tracking


Purpose: This will help you to see the movement of a hurricane and encourage you to use new vocabulary about hurricanes in an attempt to explain the science of them.  

Task: Pick one hurricane to track and make a map or table showing the progress (how much it has moved), location, and windspeed of the hurricane in each day it is tracked. If you like, feel free to do your own research on what category the hurricane was. Pick a hurricane from the following web site

MSNBC Hurricane Tracker

Your Chart should look something like this example (give or take a few days)
Hurricane Barbara Sept. 10, 2004 Sept. 11, 2004 Sept.12, 2004 Sept. 13, 2004
Progress (direction)        

This assignment will be shared with the class and each of you will explain what is happening to the hurricane during its life span, such as why it got bigger, gained more speed, or died down.