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FirstClass Client

FirstClass® enables you to experience the power of reliable communication, collaboration, conferencing, and calendaring capabilities in one easy-to-use solution.  
The FirstClass Client software provides a desktop application that is optimized for fast, streamlined access to the FirstClass server.

Choose the version you want to install.

FirstClass® Plugin for Microsoft Explorer

The FirstClass Plugin is embedded directly into Microsoft's® Internet Explorer. The FirstClass Plugin gives you all the benefits of the rich FirstClass Client experience. For example, you can:

use the FirstClass spell checker
view web pages and still be notified of new mail, calendar reminders, or be invited to a chat
use your browser's Back and Forward buttons to scroll through the pages you have visited, just as you normally would on your browser
create messages with styled text and embedded images.
Installation is quick and easy, just a single click and a small download.
After you click "Download Now", your browser's status bar will indicate the process of the download and installation. You will see a large white box on your screen until the download and installation are complete. The download is about 3M and will take about 8 minutes on a 56.6 modem.
Step 1
When the download is complete, you'll see a security dialog, just click Yes to complete the installation.
Step 2
Enter your User ID and password to log into your FirstClass account.
Click Download now to begin the FirstClass Plugin installation.

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